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Welcome to Gaylord Indian Restaurant

Indian chefs have been doing great stuff with cauliflower eons even before Green Giant was mashing and ricing the stuff. People from the United States have embraced the vegetables, grains, beans, and legumes of Indian cuisine chilies, garlic, ginger, and turmeric touting medicinal aspects. Although someone can have their fill of meat, fish, and chicken, Indian spices and sauces make a meatless Monday something to look forward to. Indulge in richly flavored appetizers such as samosas stuffed with meat or vegetables, onion fritters, or okra accompanied by a cold beer.

Chaat is also quite delightful and a favorite street food among people living in Delhi. This street food leaves up to its name which refers to the act of licking one’s fingers, which is exactly what you will be doing after tasting the crunchy, sour, spicy, and sweet elements of the dish.

When you are in the mood for some Indian food in San Francisco, you should visit Gaylord Indian Restaurant. This elegant restaurant offers freshly baked slices of bread, tandoori specialties, expertly seasoned sauces, and impeccable services. Gaylord Indian Restaurant specializes in Northern Indian cuisine and is most popular for tandoori cooking. Mesquite wood-powered clay ovens bake lamb, chicken, fish, and bread to perfection. The tasteful interior design and attentive and unobtrusive staff ensure the most delightful upscale dining experience.

The wide range of special Indian bread baked in clay ovens will deliciously knock you off your keto diet, and the lunch buffet boasts significant value. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy then the restaurant’s savory rice dishes including the fragrant biryani will. The dosai and thin crepes stuffed with mixed greens are also an adventure to delight your palate. Other delightful items on this Indian restaurant’s menu include Orange Kulfi and Bhindi Amchur. The house-made ice cream is frozen into creamy delight and features pistachios mixed with a pulp of oranges.

Kishore Kripalani, the mind behind Gaylord Indian Restaurant grew up in Calcutta, later attending San Francisco State University. Kishore Kripalani launched Gaylord Indian Restaurant more than two decades ago and the restaurant has grown significantly through the years. When Gaylord Indian Restaurant relocated to freehold premises from a leased one, its staff members relocated as well. Employee loyalty has been one of the main reasons for Gaylord’s continued support. It ensures consistency and patrons know they can rely on the same top-quality dining experience every time they visit the establishment.

Other than a few Goan specialties, Gaylord Indian Restaurant also specializes in Northern India’s rich mogul cooking. The kitchen staff all come from Northern India, including the head chef Bhandari Sharma. This ensures that you get a true and authentic Indian dining experience when you visit the Gaylord Indian Restaurant. One of the great things about Gaylord Indian Restaurant is that they allow credit cards and reservations. This makes the dining experience more convenient for guests. Other services offered at Gaylord Indian Restaurant include a full bar, takeout services, wheelchair access, banquet, and highchairs among others. Gaylord Indian Restaurant also comes equipped with an ample parking area for your automobile. So, you don’t have to worry about the inconvenience of driving in circles looking for a spot to park your vehicle.

Here’s What Gaylord Indian Restaurant Has to Offer

When Kishore Kripalani was looking for someone to design Gaylord Indian Restaurant, he turned to Jeffrey Levinson from the Arrowsmith Design Group. After a career in the hybrid long term care business, Jeffrey Levinson decided to approach the restaurant’s layout with a touch of India without being overly ethnic. So he went with touches of paisley fabric in curry gold, mocha, and brown, a rich lentil green-brown rug, and a contemporary armor-like dotted gold and mocha covering for the banquettes. He then used some antique wall hangings, wooden statues, and plants to finish the look.

Gaylord Indian Restaurant offers you the very best of Northern Indian cuisine in style. The Indian-inspired establishment is situated at Menlo Park, on what previously used to house the Papa Renato Trattoria. The elegant and stylish Gaylord Indian Restaurant easily stands out from its more modest counterparts in the bay area. Their wonderful service starts with a warm maitre d’s welcome as you enter. One of the things that instantly grabs your attention is the unwavering attention of the wait staff, it is as if they have a 6th sense when it comes to pacing. What’s more, not once will you witness them making an unwelcome intrusion.

The establishment’s elegantly furnished dining rooms are a sight to behold. Beamed and wood-paneled, the dining areas feature a beautiful fireplace, alongside a tasteful selection of Jodhpuri art: photos of court, village, and religious life, hand-painted on cloth with the most meticulous attention to detail. During the evening, the neatly linened tables flicker with votive candles, creating a very elegant look. High-pitched but not disconcertingly loud instrumental Indian music creates a subtly exotic air to the general atmosphere of graceful formality.

As cracker-like lentil wafers simply referred to as Papadums make their way to the table you can’t help but anticipate tasting the intensely peppery and delicate dish. This delight comes dipped in a chutney-like sour and sweet relish made with tamarind and raisins, and yogurt blended in cilantro, chili, and mint. It is a dish that you will be hard-pressed not to love. Gaylord Indian Restaurant also offers four selections of an all-inclusive royal feast, which is common in Northern Indian cuisine. Among these four selections, perhaps none is more inviting than the Maharani. To start, you can choose from two delicious soups: a lentil-based light-textured dal, and a peppery chicken broth known as mulligatawny that was made popular by the British Raj. The first soup selection is more piquant than overly spicy and embodies the deft use of seasonings by the Indian restaurant. It is served hot, with lemon quarters and a bright garnish of baby peas on the side.

Nan, which goes for $2.5 is a great accompaniment for your order. It comes from the tandoor oven properly browned and puffy and becomes more addictive with every bite. The Maharani royal feast features kulcha, a spiced, flatter, nan with green onion stuffings.

What You’ll Find on This Expansive Menu

The mesquite-fueled clay ovens of Gaylord Indian Restaurant are perfect not just for baking leavened pieces of bread, but also lamb, fish, and chicken. One of the most delicious entrees at Gaylord Indian Restaurant is the chicken Makhanwale. This selection starts with yogurt-marinated chicken prepared in the tandoor oven. The exquisitely moist meat is then put in a buttery sauce redolent with the addictive bitter taste of fenugreek and tomato.

The long-simmered mix of creamed spinach and lamb is also included in the Maharani royal feast. The meat’s melting tenderness is always a delight for the palate, but the seasoning may be too much if you are not accustomed to Indian dishes. To erase the heat, you can order the $3 cucumber and yogurt raita, or the navratan korma, a vegetable, nut-studded, and mildly cheesy cream.

Another item worth trying on Gaylord Indian Restaurant’s menu is the A la carte curries. However, this selection is not accompanied by rice. So, it might be a good idea to order something to accompany it such as the basmati and peas with a saffron flavor. Equally delightful is the prawn pepper masala. This selection goes for $16.95 and is equally balanced in terms of heat. This selection brings out the delicious prawns taste through the bell pepper-based and onion sauce. Prawns can be quite easy to obliterate when spices are overused or undercooked and the kitchen staff takes great note of this.

Gaylord Indian Restaurant prepares the lamb pasanda perfectly. You will be hard-pressed to find something even remotely close to this selection in San Francisco. The luncheon buffet offers a huge bang on the buck and features a wonderful selection of delectable dishes in steaming copper pots. Other selections you should not miss out on during your visit to Gaylord Indian Restaurant include the shahi paneer, tandoori chicken, and aloo gobi featuring potatoes, tomatoes, and cauliflower, in a spicy ginger garlic sauce.

If you are a vegetarian, you will be delighted to learn that Gaylord Indian Restaurant offers a wide selection of vegetarian dishes that might tickle your fancy. The combined vegetable pakora featuring vegetable fritters flash-fried and dipped in masala batter will more than delight your palate. Other wonderful vegetarian selections include the vegetable korma and the vegetable sizzler served with paneer tikka.

As tempting as the delicious fare at Gaylord Indian Restaurant might be, make sure to leave some space for dessert. The San Francisco based Indian-restaurant offers the most delightful treats to complete your dining experience on a high note.

All in all, there’s nothing that’s not to love about the Gaylord Indian Restaurant from the graceful atmosphere to the hospitality, to the delicious fare offered by the establishment. It is a perfect place for dates with your significant other. Whether you are an enthusiast of Indian cuisine or are seeking a new and exciting adventure, the Gaylord Indian Restaurant promises the most elegant and delightful dining experience.